About Us

SEITEC-TOOLS are a professional cutting tool supplier based in Bangkok Thailand. We have a variety of carbide end mills Standard, Long Neck, Corner Radius, Aluminum and for Graphite. Different cutting tasks require different milling tools. Because every material, whether plastic, GFK / CFK, steel or aluminum, has special properties and can only be optimally processed with the help of precisely matched milling tools.

We believe that only utilizing the most sophisticated equipment’s, enables us to produce the highest accuracy of cutting tools, the products that we provide have to be made by great precision in all respects, and the storage is able to immediately satisfy the market demand. Our QC process is absolutely strict and always keeps the best quality and reasonable price .We have supplier support  from Taiwan , South Korean and Germany.

Milling tools in a large selection are available from our warehouse.
For example:

  • cutters
  • double cutters
  • three cutters
  • side milling cutters
  • groove cutters
  • thread milling cutters
  • pyramid cutters
  • radius cutters
  • torus cutters
  • solid carbide milling cutters

All milling tools are precisely matched to the respective material and can be further optimized by special coatings. Our diamond-coated milling tools are always convincing due to their first-class cutting quality and maximum tool life.

SEITEC-TOOLS always offers you the right milling tool for a wide variety of machining tasks. For more than 4 years we have been supplying carbide tools for CNC machining to many customer in

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Motorcycle
  • Plastic section etc.

SEITEC-TOOLS focus on the good quality for customer and cost reduction

The tools are made of selected quality of ultra-fine solid carbide grade under highly controlled production and quality inspection conditions to achieve quality and consistency in efficient cutting and longer life. Ultra-fine solid carbide rods used are of the highest quality and sourced from Europe and Japan. We give utmost care on designing the geometry of the tools on advanced CAD system and also on the rigid quality control of our tools to ensure the correct geometry of the tool which is extremely vital for effective and efficient cutting operations.

We offer performance oriented cost benefitting reliable solutions vide our vast range of products to give substantial reduction in production and inventory costs and keep production smoother and perform much better.

An extensive range of accessories completes our offer. That includes, taps, collets and many more. All offered milling tools, as well as professional accessories can be found in our catalog, also to the virtual Browse right here on our side.

We are happy to send you a current hard-copy of our catalog.

For more info’s please contact us directly.